Marjupi Apps

Marjupi Software has made lots of assets for the Unity Asset Store. These are essential items for you to plug into Unity 3D to make it work better for you. Choose from the menu above to take a look at the different assets.
Most of our plugins are designed to make simple things available to multiple platforms. For example, the colour picker, or the file chooser. These are things that may be available in certain operating systems like Windows or Mac but now you can use them on all devices (Android, iPad, Windows Phone, Xbox, PS3 and more).
If you don't know what Unity 3D is.... where have you been for the past 5 years? Seriously though, Unity 3D is a cross platform game engine that is used by many game developers and companies. It is one of the officially supported game engines with Microsoft Visual Studio (now that XNA is all but defunct).
But... Unity 3D is very bare boned. That is why along with Unity 3D you might also benefit from different assets and plugins that improve the capabilities of the game engine. It saves you time and money by buying assets rather than doing everything yourself.
Marjupi Software uses the very same assets and plugins to make it's own games and applications. So they are proven to work in the field with very positive responses.